As you know, Britney went home to Louisiana this weekend, choosing to spend time with family rather than party in South Beach as previously reported. Nice to see that the “shower and look nice” trend is continuing, though I suppose it was too much to expect that she’d be completely cleansed of trashy behaviour seeing as it’s only been a week since that degenerate growth was purged from her life. The smoking? Well… obviously, who am I to judge? Especially since my own love affair with the sickness of cigarettes isn’t quite dead…yet. Then again, I didn’t have a baby 2 months ago that I may or may not be breastfeeding – I’m just sayin’… But hey – when dealing with someone with such limited mental and emotional capabilities, let’s celebrate the small steps, ok? And seriously y’all…”limited” is the key word. Had to laugh over the last couple of days after reading a series of articles in several tabloids extolling the “brilliant business acumen” of Britney Spears – something to do with being smart about her prenup and her career and her earnings…that she deserves more credit for being savvy and sharp, that she’s not the country bumpkin we all think she is. Ummmm…how ‘bout no? The prenup? Thank her mother. The earnings? The career? The endorsements and the royalties? It’s called a lawyer and an agent and a manager – all people she’s repeatedly trashed during the “KFed” era for being too controlling and “overprotective.” Britney intelligent??? I love our girl but let’s not delude ourselves, ok? She MARRIED him. She MARRIED him. Would you ever, ever, ever use “Intelligent” to describe a woman who married Kevin Federline? Next. Please. Source