Us Weekly: Brit’s Revenge, KFed to deliver pizza

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 17, 2006 12:00:00 November 17, 2006 12:00:00
Details from this week’s issue with more smutty insight on how Britney cut off her rotting growth. As I first reported on the day of the separation announcement, Lynne Spears engineered the split and according to the magazine, staged an intervention along with Britney’s lawyer to snap her out of her Cheeto Haze. Clearly it worked. And when Britney snaps outta it, she’s snaps HARD. The revived Spears quickly put her plan in motion, cut off his phone, his cards, everything immediately, and then moved to pull her career back on track, with early buzz that she could have her album out perhaps by Spring. As for those reports of a professional collaboration with Pipsqueak? Well, Janice Min’s folks say he could write a song for her with some of the biggest producers in Hollywood helping out on a few tracks. Can you imagine? Britney homewrecks on the No-Longer-Hermy Diaz?? She’s BACK, y’all!!! More interesting highlights: - Kevin claims he’s suing for custody not for money (bull-f*cking-sh-t you golddigging liar) but because he doesn’t think Britney is “mentally” sound enough to raise his kids. I guess having a ciggie dangling from his punk ass mouth is superb parenting, right? - Kevin kept putting his wife down, making fun of her new and improved appearance - Kevin wrote her a letter blaming HER for all of their problems - Kevin was pissed that she owned all their attention, telling her she was holding back his success And finally…the piece de resistance… a quote from one of KFed’s friends: “He has a lot to figure out but nobody liked him anyway, and now they have a reason not to. I’m afraid he’s going to go back to delivering pizzas.” You think Heather Mills would want to date a dude who drives a beat up delivery car? Source

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