As expected, and in light of Britney’s public collapse, Kevin Federline is going for his children after seeking and being granted an emergency hearing in family court this morning. And you know, if he gets the boys, he also gets the financial support that goes along with it. Having said that, in all fairness, it has also been reported that Kevin has been extremely committed to his sons since Britney started unraveling hardcore and that he and Lynne Spears are actually working together to care for the babies. Naturally, his “close friends” have been feeding the rags, painting a picture of the perfect parent – KFed worried and anxious, KFed still loves Britney, KFed is a great father. Sorry… I can’t. I can’t bring myself to go there yet. You however are more than welcome. Anyway, regardless of his motivations, Britney apparently isn’t taking well to his strategic move. X17 says that Britney showed up at Kevin’s San Fernando Valley home last night and pounded on the door. There was either no one home or she was being ignored. At which point she apparently decided to lose her sh-t on the pappies. As for further speculation into how she’s being handled and what her family is doing to try and save her – some people I’ve talked to in LA believe that Lynne knew about Kevin’s emergency filing this morning and encouraged it. Rumour has it, she thinks that Britney really needs to feel pressure, real pressure as to the possibility of being separated long term from her boys before finally making a decision towards change. In terms of how she’s surviving, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m told she’s been cut off but provided for in terms of room and board and food only. Staying close to this story today especially when I arrive in LA – will keep you posted. My smutty sense is tingling in a bad way. Please Goddess – don’t let it get any worse. Source and source