SPF v2.0, initials to match his older brother, a name chosen presumably for its air of old money and class, amusing enough considering the Spears/Federline family tree probably hasn’t extended itself beyond trailer thug territory but admirable also since Britney clearly aspires to a certain distinction for her children, no matter how much Taco Bell is coursing through their blood. I do love that in spite of it all, the girl keeps reaching, the girl keeps persisting – a good sign of things to come. But if it was OK for 99.9% of the gossiping public to ridicule my Gwynnie for her naming of the Apple, then I’m going to venture into the same territory and tell you about the effects of the new Spears’ christening, especially on visible minorities. Sutton Pierce Federline – the first picture that popped into my head was a plantation and a slave-owning Confederate general with a shotgun and 11 illegitimate children and while your initial inclination might be to call this ignorant, chances are, if you’re anything but white and if you’ve been anywhere small town, and you’ve felt the “eyes” on you, and the sudden urge to get the f&ck outta Dodge, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about: the chills y’all. The name gives me the chills. And I’m telling you… Kevtwan LaBritnius would have been So.Much.Better. Photos from https://popbytes.com/