There’s supposed to be another show tonight in Anaheim, Britney performing under the name M+Ms for Mother and Ms, denoting her new KFed-free single status.

Cheese but whatever… it’s Britney Spears. And last night in San Diego it was Vintage Britney Spears. A reader named Kelly was there with 2 girlfriends, says it was a short set, four songs – other outlets are saying five – highlighted by Baby One More Time and Toxic. But in spite of the brevity, Britney still managed several costume changes… because of course it’s not really about singing… it’s about performing.

According to Kelly:

“Britney really looked like she was having a great time. At first she seemed nervous but after about 20 seconds, she really let go. Her body is sick, I can’t believe it’s only been a month. Yeah she was totally lipsynching but her mic was on too so once in a while you could hear her live singing along. We spent half the time wondering whether or not her wig was going to fall off! It was held down by this headband thing but looked like when you put a nylon on your head, flat to the scalp. But it never moved.”

Britney did not address the audience save to say, at the end, a simple “Thanks everyone for coming”. Nice. Better this way, non? When she speaks it all goes to sh-t anyway. And the cool mystery works for me too, since there’s not likely to be anything profound or poetic to come out of her mouth, silence in her case anyway is golden.

As for her state of mind, as for her future plans, have heard from a couple of excellent sources – while in therapy, Britney talked a lot about getting a “rush” - needless to say, over the last several months, or even years, getting a “rush” often involved behaviours with negative consequences. She was told to reflect on times in her life when the “rush” didn’t result in calamity … or marriage for that matter. Hee. She supposedly realised how much she missed performing. And last night was just the beginning… though that surge of confidence she feels immediately afterwards, like last night, sometimes leads to trouble as well.

Same sources report it’s that fragile sense of invincibility that gets her too involved too quickly, which is why rumour has it she was dying to see Howie Day right away. Same Britney. Only 25 and lifetime worth of breakdowns and comebacks still to come.

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