News of the World broke the story, now Us Weekly is reporting that a porn broker who believes in the tape’s existence has been contacted and says it could be worth up to $100 million, especially if the contents are as deliciously smutty as speculated. Apparently they go at it for an entire day and even engage in a little bit of chess. While there has still been no confirmation or denial from either side, this development is another victory for Janice Min et al. You’ll recall they were sued and then unofficially exonerated when Britney accused them of fabricating a story several months ago – a charge that has since been thrown out of court for its absurdity and now with more buzz circulating around its possible existence, the magazine has proved once again, in spite of the occasional blunder, that it is indeed our Gossip Bible. As for whether or not their coitus caught on video will actually see the light of day – I’m told if Kevin has anything to do with it, especially if she cockblocks his extortion – absolutely. Anything to prolong the lavish life to which he’s been accustomed and the tape will likely not be the last of his efforts. I mentioned 2 weeks ago of a tell-all book…word is that is still on the table – the Spears scatology, if you will, complete with private photos and details of their brief, torrid, and trashy affair. So will this kill her comeback? Well, as much as some fear it will, I personally don’t think so. Paris Hilton – coincidentally her new BFF – only became MORE FAMOUS for it and, truth be told, does anyone really think Britney is “that innocent”. Please. If she plays her cards right, she can probably use it to her advantage. We are talking about Hollywood after all. And don’t even try to pretend you wouldn’t pay to see it either. We’ve all seen Pam and Tommy. More of us will see Britney and KFed.