So he visited her at Promises today, spent an hour and a half inside, and miraculously the press found out about it like 30 minutes later. Convenient, yes. Conspiratorial? Yes as well. But many in the Spears Camp are apparently grateful for his effect on her, given that as a result of his urging and last ditch threats, she has finally made it through one entire day of rehab…and counting. Here in LA, the reconciliation buzz is getting louder. I’m hearing that no one is ruling it out. And that while most still believe him to have opportunistically used her throughout their marriage, he is committed to seeing her get well. Others say that their split was the consequence of both his mistakes as a golddigging useless freeloader as well as her emotional instability, exacerbated by post partum depression. In fact, the PR comeback is rumoured to supposedly be underway already, with the intention of attributing her week horribilis down the road in a way many women can relate to. However, I hear from my sources that there is no doubt that she was allegedly using hard drugs and yes, crystal meth is the one that comes up most often because not only is it damaging on its own, it also triggers pre-existing mental health issues that may have not been properly addressed before. Even more disappointing though are the whispers – and this is not slamdunk – that when she was frustrated with not being able to lose weight quickly enough, someone recommended crystal meth as an option. Is it just me or do you smell Hollywood Ebola? As for the National Enquirer’s reports of suicide watch and suicide attempts, I’m told that while Britney was absolutely 100% in a rough place - certainly when people are pushed to the extreme under the influence, without being able to hold on to their sh-t, such drastic actions are understandably considered – there was never an actual attempt on her own life. As in she didn’t slit her wrists or give up swimming after falling off a dock as a young girl looked on (seriously Meredith, you suck) or hang herself from a destitute rope. Take that for what you will. And finally…what of the prognosis? Right now they’re optimistic. Kevin’s stabilising presence was apparently the key. I suppose in the face of two evils, I’ll take the lesser one. Because at the end of the day, Britney with KFed is FUN gossip. And fun gossip is better than SAD gossip. 48 hours is coming up. Let’s hope she makes it to 72. One day at a time.