Mrs. Federline decided to send Janice Min and the folks at Us Weekly a huge "F&CK YOU" this weekend by showing up in Atlanta for Kfed"s weeklong birthday party. As you can see from the accompanying photos, the Federlines look happy. Oily and dirty, but happy nonetheless. And while I applaud Britney"s attempt to glam up for the occasion, I am saddened by the fact that - once again - she has failed miserably. Can you even remember what she used to look like? Is it as hard for you as it is for me to recall that this was the body that just wouldn"t quit? The folds in her neck, the 50 year old hairstyle, the mother matron hands and feet - why do her toes irritate me??? - the droopy boobies…these two short years have taken their toll. And judging by these pics, there is no end in sight. As for the whole pregnancy debate - apparently she was clutching a round belly and drinking water all night. The same round belly she"s been dragging around for the last 2 months. Not that I"m saying she"s not, because by some unfortunate twist of fate, white trashers seem to be much more fertile that many more desirable social groups, but sometimes a little pudge just gets blown way out of proportion, you know what I mean?