Britney: new weave, new stains, nipples too

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 13, 2006 12:00:00 December 13, 2006 12:00:00
While much has been made about the breasts - many of you have emailed raggin" on her for exposing her tits now and not her hoo hoo - I really don"t see the problem. She"s wearing a see through blouse and she went to the trouble of putting on a tank underneath. What more do you want? You have to remember - the glare from a camera, especially late at night, is intense. Personally, I wouldn"t tag this under the "intentional whoring" category...maybe it"s just me. And you have to admit - she looks good. She looks like she did pre-KFed. I"ve always loved Britney with a hat on, I"ve always loved her legs, not so much the stain on the bottom of her skirt but some people just have a "Clean Limit", you know? My mother says this about high end prostitutes: no matter how much they scrub, no matter how expensive the clothing, they"ll always give off a certain smell and she can spot them a mile away. We"ll be at dimsum on a Sunday and some middleage chump will walk in with a trophy wife and then all of a sudden...the squawking doesn"t stop. For the next 2 hours, my mother will dissect that bitch up and down, at the top of her lungs, until all her friends join in, until my father hides behind the paper: Low classy chicken! Low classy chicken! Low classy chicken with Salty Wet Man! Salty wet in Cantonese is slang for Pervert, and chicken is slang for hooker. Believe me, that my mother"s nickname is also "Chicken" (coined for her voice) is not an unobserved irony. The bottom line, girls who sell for sex can never be camouflaged, and girls like Britney will never accomplish 100% disinfection. So in the grand scheme of things, because things are always all relative, don"t you think this is a remarkable improvement? PS. The new weave? Much better. X17

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