It was always her abs, wasn’t it? At one point she said she did 1,000 crunches a day…until the Cheeto Era brought out the trash. Thank Goddess, as we all know, KFed is gone and the hotness is back…especially around the midsection. Just 2 and a half months after JJ’s arrival, even the obliques have returned, and if she’s already THIS defined after 10 weeks, can you imagine how fit she’ll be by the time the album is expected to drop in the Spring? Damn-uh. Anyway, here’s Britney at Paris’s house last night after the AMAs - apparently she stayed there til 3am. As for the elephant in the room – give her a couple of weeks, gossips. Give her til after US Thanksgiving, let her go wild for a while, let her celebrate the freedom…and THEN we’ll criticise her for being a sh-tty mother, ok? PS. Save it with the clothing critique. It’s Britney, she’s going to Paris’s…what did you expect??? X17