I have heard from several of you today regarding Britney"s irresponsible mothering, captured by pappies as she made her escape from their "dangerous" pursuit. Here"s what Cathy wrote to me earlier, echoing, I"m sure, the sentiments of many parents out there: "as a mother, I am HORRIFIED that that dumb piece of trash thinks her lap is more protective than a car seat!!!!!!!!!! Forgive my strong terminology but I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt Lainey...NEVER EVER would I put my baby in my lap to "protect" him while driving!!! That"s a crock of sh*t." Indeed. So…the backstory, in case you haven"t heard. Britney was photographed in the driver"s seat with her baby in her lap and her bodyguard in the passenger side leaving a local Starbucks. Not exactly the most highly recommended method of child transportation. Knowing the kind of crazy heat she would get for her gross misconduct (she"s now being investigated by family services), she immediately released a statement to People Magazine, explaining that she originally had Little Fed in a car seat and brought him up to her while she was waiting for her bodyguard to pick up coffee. Apparently the pappies swarmed her and she felt that the best way to ensure her child"s safety was to take off with him still in her lap. Weak, but whatever. It"s Britney. She married Kevin Federline. She allowed him to put a lock on her womb as well as her bank account. Should this really surprise us? Yes. Barbecued pork would have been a much better option but I suppose it"s too late for that now. As for the incriminating photos - I have them but I can"t post them. Like everyone else out there I received a pre-emptive warning not to lock them on my site. However, if you"re resourceful enough, I"m sure you"ll find them, if you haven"t already.