Last week I received a piece of critique mail from someone defending Maybe Gaybe Claybe – saying that my comparison of Aiken to the KFed was unwarranted, that while KFed is a talentless golddigging piece of sh-t, Clay has worked hard and gives back and has already addressed repeatedly the question of his sexuality and as such, does not deserve to be lumped into the same Federline category.



Bet you Kelly Ripa would disagree.

Kelly apparently lost her sh-t on Clay this morning with Regis, referring to Friday’s show during which she cohosted with the Maybe Gaybe and at one point he actually leans over and covers her mouth!

This is the co-host of the show. This is a show called Live! With Regis & Kelly.

Not Gay! With Clay Aiken, but Live! With Regis & Kelly. The fact that he spurned the show’s generosity but going all wanker when they did him a favour by allowing his egomaniacal ass to come on and join them is what I call ungrateful.

Add this to the incident I reported exclusively from the David Foster benefit when Clay decided to exercise his diva and place ridiculous demands on a CHARITY benefit and you end up with low classy.

Ungrateful + Low Classy + Walmart appeal = Kevin Federline = Clay Aiken.

Basic showbiz math. Basic showbiz rudeness.

Which is why Kelly went off on Clay this morning with Regis for nearly 3 minutes (thanks Lisa!) about what a f&cking loser he is. Click here for the clip, still waiting on Kelly’s rant from today – will keep you posted.