While some of you might prefer this disinfected, airbrushed version of Britney over the rat tatty iteration we can smell from a mile away, these photos only succeed in depressing me more than ever, like spending a small fortune on a Balenciaga from eBay and finding a "Made in China" label sewn in the pocket. 

Because as good as she looks, and she does look wonderful and lush and CLEAN, this is clearly not present day Britney. This is not the woman with folds and wrinkles and toe jam who sat across from Matt Lauer and booboo"d her way off the A list. This, in fact, is the creation of the clever photo artist at Harper's Bazaar who has managed to scrub a layer of sh*t and the stench of Federline off our fallen princess for a short few pages of fantasy. And while it goes without saying that every subject of every glossy has been enhanced and brushed and slicked to perfection, I think we all know that Mrs Kfed doesn't look like this anymore. Which is why these images are so tragic - a glimpse of the glory that was and that might never be again. 

Still…I do believe in miracles. I believe Posh & Becks will be together forever. I believe Michelle Kwan will win gold in 2010. I believe the Tom Cruise will be exposed one day. And I believe that Britney can come back. Two years, gossips. Have hope.