Emails are flying in from all over NYC today. Buzz in the Big Apple is that late last week, Britney was rumoured to be seen bawling her eyes out at her hotel after slamming down her cell phone in frustration, presumably after speaking with KFed. That golddigging piece of sh-t was in town promoting his pathetic and is expected to be in Toronto for MuchonDemand later on this afternoon. Ratings gold for sure but are you f-cking kidding me?? Kevin Federline at MuchMusic? Kevin Federline to soil the hallowed grounds of Canada’s pioneer music channel? I.Am. ROSSUM-ing!!! Rossum all over my keyboard! Anyway, if you were there, if you observed Britney in distress, definitely hit me up, I want the details. Not that I wish her any more heartache but hey – if this is the final stake through the heart, if this means she’ll finally take her head out of her ass and seal up that overactive womb, giv’er. Dear Goddess – screw SexyBack. BritneyBack and stat. Please.