This bitch is brilliant. Masters of Golddiggery and Manipulation generally are and as we all know, Heather Mills has achieved the kind of enlightenment in both categories KFed only dreams of. But then again, we are dealing with Sir Paul"s billion dollar bank account…she really did have to step up her game. Court papers have become public with claims submitted by Heather"s DIVORCE lawyers that she suffered from physical and emotional abuse at the hands of Paul McCartney with an account of no less than 7 incidents in which he inflicted bodily damage and several other tales of mental mistreatment - painting a portrait of a very unkind, very petty, very drug dependent, very uncompassionate, very controlling husband who belittled his wife and her disability repeatedly. She says she"s been demeaned, she said she was actively punished, she says he even objected to her breastfeeding because her breasts *belonged to him* and he didn"t want a mouthful of breastmilk The accusations are EXPLOSIVE - just a prelude to what promises to be the dirtiest, nastiest split E-VER. Once again, these charges have been filed in DIVORCE proceedings. Paul has not been charged by the police and furthermore the police were never called at any point during any of the listed transgressions. But what does it matter? As I said before, it is a bold, inspired move: bold because the once "I am a strong woman" Heather has now jumped over to the victim side of the pond - an image makeover, if you will, and inspired because after being villified by the British press, Heather has now made it extremely difficult to openly challenge her lest you dare walk the unpolitically correct line of picking on a victim of abuse, to say nothing of the women who will scream "solidarity!" in defence of a sister who"s been badly mistreated at the hands of the Bad, Bad Man and who will turn their backs on other women who simply don"t believe her. See? It"s a virtuoso performance that only Heather could have managed. By leveraging the feminist angle AND the disability card, she now hopes to operate from a position of strength, believing that any attempt to discredit her would be a direct assault against both constituencies with sympathisers immediately portraying Paul as a Man of Power and Influence who held it over his wife for the better part of 4 years, even at the expense of the welfare of their child. Heather plays dirty, doesn"t she? One problem though. How many people are actually going to believe her? Convenient that this sh*t comes out when she"s fighting tooth and nail for a huge slice of Beatle pie. Convenient that she"s one of the most unpopular figures in tabloid history and just happens to be waging a losing battle in the court of public opinion. Convenient also that her latest scandal involves her trainer/bodyguard - some dude she"s been attached to who is now supposed to be her boyfriend who also happened to have a woman waiting for him at home. Funny. That. Now I"ve no doubt Paul loves his bud, I"ve no doubt he"s not the easiest man to live with, I"ve no doubt he has a huge ego but consider the combatant, will you? On one side, there"s Heather Mills: ex-husband went through the same experience, questionable sordid past, questionable sordid motives. On the other side is Paul McCartney who has lived like in the spotlight under a frickin" microscope for 40 years…and we"ve heard NOTHING of the sort until now. And before you retort with an argument that it"s easy to bury secrets when you"re rich and famous, please remember we"re dealing with the UK press, the same UK press that have managed to unearth every unflattering piece of gossip about everyone including the ROYAL FAMILY. You don"t hide in Britain. And a man like Macca would not have been able to hide for 4 decades if he was beating the crap out of the women in his life. You tell me. Who has the dodgier track record??? Source