The Divorce, the Stakes, the Rumours

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 8, 2006 12:00:00 November 8, 2006 12:00:00
Tabloids are in a frenzy, each trying to piece together what happened during the final days of Federline freeloading. It is widely agreed that Britney and Kevin had a series of dramatic arguments beginning just before Halloween and culminating in NYC with Britney blindsiding KFed with divorce papers on Tuesday. According to Canada’s MuchMusic, Kevin found out via text message and was “visibly upset”, had to take a 30 minute break from his interview to compose himself before rejoining the tv crew later on. As I first told you yesterday, while initially confident that he’d be able to sweet-talk himself back into her bed, he was subsequently cockblocked every time he tried to reach her, and his growing frustration led to outbursts about seeing his children, if not from any sense of paternal desire than from a sense of mounting desperation and even a little surprise: she has apparently never succeeded in standing up to him before. Still, the baby blackmail seems to be his only route. TMZ is now also reporting that due to Britney’s airtight pre-nup, KFed will indeed move to petition for custody of the children as his only way to extort more money from Britney’s bank account. As it is, Kevin stands to gain…well…not much, and certainly not enough to maintain the “Federation Records” lifestyle for much longer than a couple of months. Furthermore, I’m told that if his attempts at reconciliation continue to get rebuffed, he will not hesitate to pull out every dirty card in his repertoire, including a tell-all threat. Yes gossips, that’s the latest: a Tattle Tour and a book, exposing life with Britney, exposing the Spears machinery, not only about the one he was married to but details on how the sister is managed as well. And then there’s Shar Jackson. Several people I’ve spoken with say that rumours are running wild in LA that she’s been shooting her mouth off since the summer about a split, insisting that Britney and Kevin have been separated for months, claiming that Kevin sneaks over to her place and gives her money because in spite of his greed and ambition, he’ll “never get over me, his first love.” Finally, there’s the buzz about Britney’s state of mind. As mentioned yesterday, her mother is said to be a source of encouragement and strength and the unexpected re-entry of Larry Rudolph will likely provide some stalwart support as well. The funniest piece of smut out there though has to be the rumour that Britney came to her decision after seeing a clip of the pathetic Anna Nicole, resolving never to drop to such depths. Hee. Only Britney could find inspiration in the sordid trainwreck that is Anna Nicole Smith. Photo Source

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