Sorry non-Canadians, but like I said yesterday, we f&ckin’ own this game. Well done Juniors!!! And… Not well done Britney. Gold, gawdy, tits down to her ankles, all kinds ugly – pile on the disparaging adjectives, giddy’up, giv’er…she deserves it all. Oh and take a trip down memory lane too – three years ago, zit cream and ciggies. At the time, I didn’t think it could get any worse. Sigh. So here she is last night, out again, CD in hand, perhaps a demo of her latest efforts. And TMZ is reporting that she and the loser ex have reached a temporary custody agreement. While Britney retains majority time with SPF and JJ, KFed gets to come over for a few hours a few times a week this month and Brit is permitted to take the kids to Miami for a week beginning today…which means of course that she will be tearing it up all weekend. Sigh. Shall I capitulate and dump all over her Chicken Fried Trailer ass? Thoughtful consideration, will keep you posted. X17 and TMZ