Seriously…this is the funniest sh-t I’ve ever read – even funnier than Lilo’s incoherent rambling following the death of Robert Altman.


Turns out Kevin Federline went to dinner last night. After dinner, half a dozen (or less) journalists were asked to show up to interview him. Kevin obliged. Then his publicist decided to release a statement about it….WTF????

My favourite parts – other than the way his publicist who works for his lawyer butchers the English language - are when it has to be explained to us that Kevin responded with an answer when faced with a question (because evidently, people like Kevin ordinarily EAT questions instead of replying to them) and the description of his evening ensemble: a well-stated sports jacket.

Tell me…what exactly is a “well-stated” sports jacket? I’ve heard of a “well-stated” argument, I’ve heard of a “well-stated” rebuttal, I’ve heard of some “well-stated” sentiments…but how might I go about finding a “well-stated” sports jacket?

Do you think my husband will want one for Christmas?

I’m telling you – you HAVE To read it, you will laugh your ass off. And then you’ll ask yourself: Michael Sands…how the F-CK do people like this get hired???