So Kevin Federline announced yesterday via USA Today the name of his 4th child – a boy with Britney called Jayden James, something we’ve known for days, but curiously only confirmed on Tuesday, October 31st…the day his album dropped. The man is imaginative, non? Imaginative and also desperate. Word is, Britney is pissed. Word is she’s taken control of her body and as a result, is in a much better frame of mind about herself, about her abilities, about her confidence and self worth. So much so that she has been more vocal than ever about her displeasure with her husband and his antics, tired of his gallivanting but more importantly, tired of his making her look stupid. THANK F*CK! I’m a little cautious to believe it but thank f&ck all the same. It’s about time, non? As a result however, KFed is getting defensive and playing dirty. In the USA Today interview, he refers to Britney primarily as “my wife”, my wife my wife my wife, over and over and over again and LA gossips believe it’s a not-so-subtle reminder of his legal standing in her life, not to mention an assertion of traditional “manly manliness” designed to appeal to every loser redneck/hiphop/wannabe thug dumb enough to buy his album. I’m telling you gossips…Kevin is nervous and while the situation has not escalated to Celebration levels quite yet, if her work ethic is any indication, there could be hope for a Federline-free existence. So…in the spirit of this renewed sense of optimism, I attach one of my favourite Britney photos – not airbrushed, not manipulated, just our favourite pop tart straight up on TRL circa late 2003. As Whitney would sing: There can be miracles…if you believe. Source