Multiple news agencies are now reporting that SPF v 2 may not be SPF v 2 but a little girl named Jayden, at least that’s what KFed’s grandma or some other member of the illustrious Federline family has taken to calling their second bank deposit.


People Magazine is expected to get the exclusive, likely to drop next week…yes, yes, just in time for Kevin’s album release. Oh joy.

Meanwhile, his funky brand of flesh eating disease is continuing to eat away at pop culture consciousness, not only invading the world of music and television but now apparently expanding to film.

It’s a hip hop musical, Golddigger apparently has a part and while, like you, I’m deeply disappointed that some idiots are actually keeping him employed, I’m also optimistic that these new opportunities will cause his delusions of grandeur to grow exponentially, to the point where he actually believes he can make it without his wife.

Though the ideal situation would be for Britney to take her head out of her taco-filled ass and leave him by her own volition, by any means necessary must be the motto.

If he releases her, if he dumps her, if she’s finally free to get fit and get back together with Justin, who the f-ck cares how it happens???

The most important thing is that it HAPPENS.

Pray Goddess…let it be so.