Forget the ghetto weave – she more than makes up for it with that ass. Check out Britney from behind, girl got into shape fast, non? No love handles, no discernible jiggle, legs look lean, skin is reasonably spot-free now that she’s Fed-free, grinning happily with the re-hired Larry in Vegas apparently for some studio work and a little partying too – with none other than Mario Lopez??? According to People Magazine, they met up at The Mint and then headed to Moon Nightclub en masse, no further details as to whether or not it was romantic but given this guy’s track record, I wouldn’t be surprised. Mario might be several steps above KFed on the food chain but he’s also quite the dirty dog, as evidenced by his 5 minute marriage to Ali Landry from which he was released on the grounds of rampant infidelity. Seriously…you’d think she could aim a little higher? Source