Call me old fashioned but I’m not really down with a guy who likes the frills. At least not this way. And as cute as Nick Cannon is – he’s even cuter in person – I still object to the LV backpack. On anyone I would object…but especially a boy. If a boy wanted to take me out and showed up with an LV backpack, even if he looked like Leo and acted like Kyle Chandler, I’d still shut my loins and say no thank you. Because the designer backpack is a total dealbreaker. Almost as offensive as the Dodge Magnum, not quite but almost. After all, the Dodge Magnum sucks in its very own unique way – total Compensation Car if there ever was one and seemingly only driven by rednecks or wannabe be player pimps with their caps on sideways and a Beat-Me Face worse than Kevin Federline which is strangely enough sort the same vibe Nick is rockin’ with the Logo Pack. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Source