Shameless self promotion? Yes. Undeniably so. But in the good days, pre-KFed, back when Britney was fit and successful and perceived as a young savvy media manipulator and crowned the future heir of Madonna, Britney used her body and showed off her body… repeatedly… to illustrate her point. On Rolling Stone, on her album covers, on tour, in her videos… Britney only has one move: sex sells.

And so while her appearance at the weekend wearing nothing but a dance leotard exposing several inches of toned-again midriff is most definitely a pathetic ploy for attention, it is also a familiar pathetic ploy for attention – one she has resorted to time and again with which she has seen success, time and again.

It’s visual proof that she’s working her ass off, if not her mind. The flab is gone. The body is back. And to music executives and Hollywood players, what they see in a set of ripped abs are dollar signs and a brilliant marketing strategy.

The image makeover of a generation? Stay tuned…