As I’m sure you’ve heard, Britney’s 2nd child and Kevin"s 4th, made his debut very early on 12 September, reportedly a boy, reportedly 6 pounds and them some, reportedly via c-section just to squeeze in that tummy tuck, and we can only hope her womb takes a sabbatical now that her golddigging slime of a husband has two cash cows to bank on. Needless to say, the baby photo sweepstakes can now begin in earnest, especially since KFed’s recording career is at best a joke and at worst an abomination, splitting the pictorial proceeds right down the middle will undoubtedly be quite an attractive prospect for the world’s most prolific spawning sensation. As for the name? Not announced at press time, though my vote, as you know, goes to Kevtwan LaBritnius Federline… KLF for short, KLF is gonna rock ya, 3 AM Eternal, more than I can say for Federation Records, although if 76,000 morons paid for Paris Hilton’s CD, who’s to say 76,000 more won’t pay for Kevin’s?