It’s been the same broken record lately: I don’t want the tabloid attention, I don’t want to be followed around, leave me alone, don’t photograph me, don’t photograph my Firecrotch, I just want to live my life in private, I JUST WANT TO ACT. Funny the reaction you get when you get what you wish for… Because there’s Lilo at Planet Blue in Malibu on Saturday afternoon, surrounded by the usual throng of pappies, pretending to be pissy about the intrusion…until all of a sudden, when they get word that Britney and Paris have arrived, they immediately bail for the bigger prize, leaving Lilo alone and not just a little shellshocked at being passed up for, let’s face it, a much more titillating photo opp. On the outside, she tried to make like she was relieved, a lot of eye rolling, a lot of “I’m so above that, I’d much rather be shadowed than be spotlighted” but from what I hear, Lindsay was frickin’ pissed, and she apparently threw a strop about it afterwards – her rage more directed at Paris than it was at Britney, something to the effect that, unlike Paris, she didn’t have to mack off someone else to make headlines. Which is why the same girl who hates the media actually APPROACHED X17 to whom she often gives the finger to rail on Paris Hilton, showing off a bruise on her arm and accusing Paris of inflicting it at a party the night before. Oh it’s on, bitches. It is SO on. And these little Hollywood tramps are so cutthroat, give it 3 days and I wouldn’t put it past my girl Lilo to ride the KFed for revenge. Just a prediction, no solid smut behind it, but still… it would be nasty and it would be dirty and we’d all lose our sh-t and you know it. Source