Ryan’s Multiples in Canada?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 3, 2006 12:00:00 November 3, 2006 12:00:00
Rumours rumours rumours…allegedly allegedly allegedly…just the dirt flying around in 2 Canadian cities. Have to cover my Chinese ass – you get the drill, don’t you? I honestly don’t know what it is about Canada. Ethan Hawke and Jen Perzow, Tori and KFed Jr., now the once *Perfect Husband* and allegedly an entire restaurant to say nothing of the mystery girls floating around Toronto. According to many, many, many people working at a certain establishment in Vancouver, there are rumoured hook ups with at least two women from the same site, probably three, but I’m still trying to nail that down. While he was in town, Ryan stayed at the Opus and he’d hop across the street for some grub and even party with the night staff after work. While it is not known if all two or three of the sluts knew about each other, everyone remotely connected to the joint has been buzzing about it for months. Apparently none of them have been shy about sharing… low classy, to be sure, but then again, homewreckers aren’t known for their pristine value system, are they? Hmmm…smutty bitches like me aren’t all that classy either, wonder if I should spell out their names? Nah…let me sit on that for a bit. Not because I’ve suddenly grown morals but because that People Magazine stringer who loves to jock off my gossip is still 2 steps behind. But I digress. You want to know about the hussies. Here’s what I can tell you: one is brunette, one is blonde though interestingly enough, there are common features including an “average” description by almost everyone I’ve talked to. Not that it’s important but the brunette “sort of looks like a fish” (their words not mine) and the blonde is prettier but not a stunning beauty, which was a surprise to all of my sources because there were several other drop dead beauties that Ryan allegedly could have had but chose the “mediocre” (their words not mine) ones instead. Best part? Neither one is very popular. In fact, the reason this has gotten out is because both are such awful bitches, have treated others so horribly that people are more than willing to sell them out. The brunette is super crusty and the blonde is said to be quite thin, and doesn’t hesitate to remind those who aren’t so thin that they are not. Ryan has great taste, non? Oh…and by the way – the both still work there. Hee. Then there’s the Toronto connection. A hostess at a restaurant hotspot at Bloor & Avenue – she was a student, he allegedly went there often for food and weed, they allegedly had sex only once, she quit a few months after, pretty embarrassed about what happened, but Ryan is rumoured to have come in every night to drink and frolic …except when the family was in town for a visit of course, at which point he stayed far away. In case you were wondering, she was also rather ordinary among some very, very beautiful girls who worked in the same joint. Word around town though is that he had a standard speech. Allegedly he worked his charm, then he’d allegedly explain that his marriage was a fraud, that his wife and her people controlled the marriage and would not let him out of it in spite of his straying – rumoured and alleged, of course. This from a girl who worked at a club called Level in Toronto, he macked on her the entire night, and yes…rumour has it, he was successful. All rumours of course. I mean, there’s really, really no truth to them at all. The residents of two entire cities are completely deluded, it’s just gossip, conjecture, with no basis, all allegations…definitely not worthy of your time, right??? Stay tuned…more smut as it comes…

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