She exploits herself and she is exploited by everyone around her. Sigh. Sadness. Britney supposedly felt betrayed by all the men in her life: KFed, Justin, Isaac Cohen. Add to that list a long line of employees now coming forward to capitalise on her troubles. A former “potential” nanny has spoken and Us Weekly, of course, has all the details. According to whoever it was who did not eventually get hired, Britney did not care for professional qualifications (years experience, background etc), preferring instead to focus the screening process around personal details. The successful candidate was also expected to become her “friend,” specifically requesting that the search agency only send over “young and hip” girls to hang out with their employer. The nanny-to-be was also asked to watch her possible boss-to-be try on party dresses during which time Britney pranced around naked with abandon. Another nanny reports that Britney would only hold her babies for 10 minutes, handing the boys back to someone else when she became bored. However, if SPF was too attached to the nanny, Britney would fire her and begin the entire process all over again. Always fun to kick a bitch when she’s down, non? Us Weekly