Do you think the tabloids have “planted” their own moles inside Promises to dig up as much dirt on Britney as possible so they can sell out the details of her treatment to the rags. I think yes… you? Two differing reports today, first the National Enquirer – despite KFed’s regular presence during visitation, their sources say Britney has fallen in love with some random rocker named Jason Filyaw inside battling alcoholism. He calls her Sugar and Kitten, she calls him Mr Secret Underground Guy and J-Sun and they plan on moving in together soon as she gets out. However, UK gossips insist that Britney is still with Kevin and is hellbent on exiting treatment two days ahead of schedule so that she can attend his birthday bash, because going to a club straight outta rehab is the best way to show Kevin’s lawyers how badly she wants to keep her kids. So… which version do you believe? Or do you believe any? Me? Neither. Call me Cruise but since she actually IS in rehab, would you mind if we waited until she gets out and actually f&cks up before riding her ass about being failure? Is that ok? Or is my bitch being much much much too naïve? Source Source