Now that the Original has been cut off, nice to see Junior is holding down the golddiggery. After all, someone has to make a living. As I reported yesterday on eTalk, super exclusive dirt on Tori and KFed Jr: what they’re selling, how they’re selling it, who they’re selling it with. You know they’re doing that show on Oxygen, right? Something about starting a business while planning for baby – nauseatingly domestic and amusingly ironic too, considering they homewrecked the domestic bliss of his previous life to create this new one…but I digress. The show, the B&B, the baby…and wouldn’t you know, word is they’ve managed to reconcile with the mother-in-law – yes the very wealthy mother in law named Candy Spelling who holds (literally) the Spelling fortune. They’ve apparently reconciled with her ON CAMERA, of course!, and they’ve also promised to make “Candy” the middle name if it’s a girl. Are you having an Oprah moment??? Are your eyes closed, are you breathing deeply, nodding your head “yes, yes, yes”, and hugging your office mate? But don’t Rossum quite yet….there’s more. Rumour has it, they’ve also offered to SELL the labour and birth footage to the network – cash money please – all in the name of good ratings. Looks like Tori Spelling and Anna Nicole Smith DO have something in common besides fake tits. As for KFed Jr: once again, the student surpasses the master…impressive non?