See? Last night’s Letterman message was a message indeed! TMZ is reporting that Britney has filed for divorce. The Cheeto Haze has lifted! The Kfed is DONE! Per TMZ she is asking for legal and physical custody of both children AND she is cutting him off financially – denying his right to spousal support. Eat that asshole! At a time like this, we really must admire the Junior. Kfed Jr., spouse of Tori Spelling, for really mastering the art of Golddiggery. If only KFed matched his apprentice, such a fate would not have befallen him. As I said earlier today gossips…the fight will be ugly. It will likely be expensive. But Britney’s head is finally out of her ass and thankfully out of her womb. Kfed is dead. Praise Goddess indeed. And let’s reminisce about the good times, shall we? Probably impossible but hey… did you ever think you’d see a celebrity c-section on tv??? I rest my case. TMZ