Hard to believe considering it’s always take take take but apparently gifts going OUT actually is possible…sort of. Turns out that guests attending Tori Spelling’s baby shower were presented with loot bags containing “Tupperware, pearl bracelets, and the Kama Sutra Weekender Kit!” Because having KFed Jr and his goldmine dispensing sex advice is exactly what anyone always wanted. As for the “gifting” element – something tells me they didn’t have to fork over anything for the expense, seeing as Tupperware decided to get some free marketing out of the farce and sponsor the event though I have to tell you, it is rather shocking that they didn’t hoard the sh-t for themselves on the occasion of their next yard sale – you know Junior: every penny counts. Greedy f*ck. PS. How much you wanna bet there’ll be a new tattoo when his cash child comes out? Image of Tori breastfeeding baby emblazoned across his chest. He would. You know he would. TMZ