What Junior Gave Up

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 11, 2007 12:00:00 April 11, 2007 12:00:00

As we all know, when Tori Spelling met KFed Jr, she was married and he was married. He was also adopting another child with his then wife. But then the Homewrecker fell in love with the Golddigger and you know the rest.

But most of you have probably never laid eyes on Mary Jo Eustace. Have a look.

Mary Jo is 49 years old. She is featured in the current issue of Hello Canada, she is 16 years older than Tori Spelling and She.Is.Gorgeous.

Have these been retouched? Probably. It is after all a glossy magazine. But if you level the playing field, considering Tori never gets printed without A HELLUVA LOT of world class retouching, I’m thinking KFed Jr must have the intestinal fortitude of a f&ckin’ slug…because how you go from Mary Jo’s crisp clean good looks to Tori’s legendary fug is way, way, way beyond me, and I don’t care how many dollar signs are suppressing the gag reflex.

Anyway, Mary Jo is now with the kids in Toronto. Their son Jack is 8 and daughter Lola is 2. You will recall – Junior took off right after Lola was adopted. Prick.

But don’t pity her. Save that for Jennifer Aniston. Because Mary Jo is happy. Happy and with a sense of humour about Junior’s greedy exit, saying simply that the entire situation was like a “very bad cable movie". Clever bitch has a touch of Gwyneth about her, non? After all, didn’t Tori and Junior come together on a straight-to-the-can-made-for-tv-movie-of-the-week?

More Mary Jo photos and the full interview in Hello Canada this week.


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