Never mind getting shut out of Hyde. What could possibly be worse in Hollywood than growing up in the Spelling mansion and then having to pay RENT in Brentwood? Such is the fate that has befallen Tori Spelling. More importantly, such is the fate that has befallen KFed Jr. All that brilliant golddiggery for just a temporary residence? So tragic, don’t you think? However, there is good news. Tori and Junior have landed their very own Oxygen deal for a reality show chronicling their pregnancy and their virgin entrepreneurial journey to open up a B&B. Funny that, non? By their own description, “The Oxygen Network is a 24-hour cable television network that puts a fresh spin on television for women”. Believe it or not, gossips… homewrecking is now considered “a fresh spin” and the glorious gains acquired from said homewrecking is worthy of a tv experience. Well f&ck me – that’s a message I can certainly relate to. But let’s not be unkind to a woman with child. And remember – she IS WITH CHILD. She is WITH CHILD and REMINDING US DAILY that she is with child. Eyewitness reports from Vancouver where Junior and his bride have been spending time while shooting a guest spot on Smallville: last weekend, they’re walking along Robson, a photographer starts taking photos. They duck into a shoppe, they come out just a few minutes later, check if the pappy is still on their trail, a quick pause, almost like readying themselves for a scene, and then KFed Jr reaches down to rub her belly as she looks up at him and smiles. All very casual, of course (who knew Tori’s acting was so polished?) – just a candid loving moment for a happily married couple. The photos should be out in a matter of days – look for them and admire the undiscovered talents of Tori and her Junior. Source