Kaley Cuoco showed up on her first carpet last night since hooking up and then breaking up with Henry Cavill… 10 days later. Me, I think she’s better for it. A guy who wigs out from the heat and taps out that quickly isn’t a good investment. And by the way, Sarah from Cinesnark just emailed me about this after reading my profile in FLARE – why did they say you’re pro-Henry Cavill? Well, the interview took place on June 7, well before his fortnight of romantic f-ckery.

Speaking of that FLARE profile, as I mentioned in the open today, it was a comfortable photo shoot for me because I was wearing my own shoes, which look rather similar to the shoes Kaley is wearing here. Check the shape of the toe and the heel, right? Hers are blue and black and she seems to have taken the laces out. Click here to see my version in nude. If you’re interested, I bought them at Barneys.