I’m not posting the new cover of Us Weekly. Because I don’t think I’ve ever posted a photo of Kim Kardashian on my site and this must continue. Besides, this story isn’t really about her. It’s about Kanye West who, apparently, is now in love with her. And believes that she is “his Beyonce”.

As IF.

But on second thought...

I’ve always said that I love the Beyonce/Jay-Z union because, unlike Jennifer Lopez, both of them know their fame value. Who else but Jay-Z for B? And who else but Beysus for Hova himself? Jay holds himself in such high esteem that there could be no one for him except for her.

What does it say about what Kanye thinks of Kanye that the best he thinks he could do...

Is that?

Here is a fool, a brilliant one, who every two years, finds himself at a place where, bored by or choked by his self-loathing, he builds a fresh hell in which to contain himself. Last time he took a sh-t in Taylor Swift’s golden ringlets. This time he’s moved into Kim Kardashian’s ass. Last time he was emancipated through art; My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was a creative triumph. This time however... I’m not sure it’s possible to find inspiration where he’s decided to go. And I’m not sure Jay-Z will let him.