Written by Duana

The ominous and much hyped reappearance of Kanye....after mixing meticulously on his sample board that looks like he whitewashed a Fisher-Price something, he goes into it.

Toast for the douche bags, toast for the assholes, goats for the scumbags, toast for the jerkoffs - none of them bleeped, I notice. I notice too that Kanye is just as happy berating himself as he is praising himself - I mean, either way, it's still his favorite topic.

Also of note to me were the lyrics, mostly faded to memory now, which involve Kanye talking about how girls confuse him and he just can't get that excited about them. I would happily be schussed of making something out of nothing, but he gives almost equal lyrical time to a Versace couch, and you KNOW how he feels about that guy.

I also really love the styling - everyone in blush except for the Devil Mr. West, bright red and proud, desperate that we see his ego ... or is it his id, naked onstage?

And I'll be damned if It wasn't one of the most tuneful of the night. I mean, let's be honest. Shaming of little blonde girls aside, would you really ever want Kanye to go away?

My point.

Photos from Kevin Winter/Gettyimages.com