Chess for Dumb People

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 1, 2008 17:07:06 May 1, 2008 17:07:06

It’s like Chess For Dumb People… killed me.

As you know, Kanye LOVES Connect 4. He challenged Jonah Hill the other day to a game. Click here for the clip the clip.

Everyone seems slamdunk convinced that Kanye is more than a maybe gaybe and will be outed in that homos in hip hop book. Judging from your emails, apparently he’s been setting off your gaydar for years. The thing with Kanye though - is his image super-hetero? Never made that association when it comes to Kanye West.


Also just because… the link for my husband’s current favourite video: Kanye featuring Chris Martin – Homecoming.

Thanks Jeffrey!

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