Kanye West just posted this photo on Twitter with “FAM” as the caption. FAM = Beyonce, Jay-Z, and his girlfriend...?

The suggestion, obviously, is that in spite of the obvious MEGA A List status of the Carters, and the decidedly low-rent status of his future baby mother, and speculation that Beysus must be disgusted by his choice, given that she, presumably, prefers the company of Gwyneth Paltrow, they must all get on well, and are close. Like FAM.



Because the best way to illustrate the FAM is to press pause on the YouTube during a video taken at an award show of the four of you seated in the front row with millions watching...

Instead of, you know, a personal photo from a private collection.

This is the ONLY picture Kanye West could find of him with his girlfriend and B and Jay in the same frame?

Meanwhile over at Beyonce’s Tumblr, instead of posing with Kanye’s gf, she keeps posting glamour shots of herself on quiet NY streets. Does she get all dressed up in the middle of the night, call the driver, and then just pull over when there’s no one around?