Let me specify: does Drake need Kanye West’s help to write a love song for Rihanna? Because this is what IN TOUCH Weekly is trying to tell me in its latest issue. The headline:

Kanye is helping Drake write a love song for Rihanna

I don’t believe that Kanye is helping Drake write a love song for Rihanna. I do believe, however, that IN TOUCH doesn’t know sh-t about Drake’s music. What else would he have been doing all this time if not WRITING LOVE SONGS FOR RIHANNA?!? Have they even heard any of his songs? One song? Try Fireworks.

Drake can turn the time lapse between text messages into a love song. Like, basically the same love song. And this is not me trying to say that Drake is the poet that Kanye is – no. What I’m trying to say is …it’s not like Drake isn’t the rapper who doesn’t know our theme of the day: feelings. That’s pretty much the hallmark of his rap: FEELINGS. Maybe even too many feelings. He doesn't need help sharing those feelings. Doesn't need help putting those feelings up on a billboard. Or coming correct with his feelings in a tuxedo at an award show with a major declaration. Every night on stage he's getting into his feelings for her! So a love song is not what we need right now. What we need right now is...

Actually. I don't know what we need. What do we need?

Attached - Drake at an after party for his show in Vegas on the weekend.