It was hard to wake up this morning. Hayley my trainer was in a torturous mood yesterday and kicked my ass so brutally I seriously can’t walk without grunting. So it was starting to feel like a long week.

And then…a gift!

Any day with Karl is a gift!

Karl presented Karl Lagerfeld Spring 09 in Paris yesterday and as you can see, he was his usual ridiculous, amazing self on the runway and also seated next to the legendary bitch Anna Wintour.

You may have heard recently that Anna’s life is starting to imitate art – there was an item last week in Page Six about the editor of Russian Vogue primed to take over her throne at Vogue.

Not so fast.

Anna and Karl are tight. Karl will not leave Anna. Anna just featured his Parisien apartment in the latest issue of the magazine (it’s a crazy sick spread, you MUST see it), Anna won’t let anyone criticise Karl’s work, and while Karl and Chanel aren’t everything, of course not, I’m told Karl has made it clear that Anna has no substitute and anyone who disagrees with his genius is idiot and demode and must be removed immediately from his presence!

Anything else is not possible. There is only Karl.

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