From the mouth!

Heidi is launching Top Model in Germany and has been criticised by local fashion queens, among them some dude called Wolfgang Joop, who said she was “fat” and also Karl Lagerfeld who has delivered a dressing down the only way he can.

(Heidi Klum) is more bling bling and glamorous than current fashion. It may be ‘Victoria’s Secret’, but it is not my secret. The people in Europe – apart from in Germany – don’t know who she is. In Germany she is very current, but as a mannequin rather than a model. I have never photographed her or had her in one of my shows.

Like, I LOVE him.

Nothing against Heidi, but this is not about Heidi, this is about Karl. And every time he speaks, amazing bitchbeatness comes hurtling out of his mouth. Oh fan, where are you?

Now can you imagine if Karl and Kanye West had a tv show? Together? Treat yourself today when you have 10 minutes and read Kanye’s epic new interview for Details.

He and Karl could make beautiful bitchbeats together. And the world would be a better place.


Here’s Karl yesterday at the opening of something, and it’s not important the official name, all he needs you to know is that he has a hand in designing it so it will be the most amazing and stylish EVER.

Also attached – photos of Heidi during NY Fashion Week.

On the subject of Heidi Klum…

Can we talk about Project Runway? And how Canada kicks ASS???

You all in America have Heidi so you don’t know… you don’t know what it’s like, how much BETTER it can be, when Iman is judging. Oh she judges. She judges and then she cuts and you are trembling with fear and adoration at the same time.

Last week when she started going on about putting an end to the “fashion ho” … I would gladly die and come back as her eunuch.

Are you watching PRC? It’s on tonight on Global.

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