Le Karl must be earned

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Two years ago, Lara and I were standing on the press line at the Costume Institute Gala when Anna Wintour walked by. We shouted, begged, pleaded for her to come over for an interview and the way she looked, right THROUGH us, because cutting her eye would have meant we existed… it totally made our lives. We still talk about it now…

Remember when Anna Wintour let us know that we are worthless? Wasn’t it the best part of that carpet?

It has to be the same way with Karl Lagerfeld. Because Karl must be earned. And the great thing about Karl is that if you don’t earn him, he will let you know immediately.

Thanks to Janel for sending along this gem…

Tallulah Harlech’s account of how she failed him:
“He recently taught me not to offer false flattery, though he’s not aware of the lesson. After this Paris-Moscow show we were all going for sushi and we were waiting for him to finish his interviews. So, finally done with all this talk about the show, he comes over, “Ms. Tallulah…” and, as a reflex, I turn around and say, “The show was fantaaaaasstic, Kaaaarl,” just like everyone else had for hours. He just looked at me like, “You’re an idiot and you have nothing better to say to me.” He literally grunted and walked off. So I learned: don’t blow smoke up people’s arses. I should have spoken about anything else. I should have just said I was really looking forward to some sashimi.”

See now I’m obsessed with my opening line for Karl. It would need to be blasé but brilliant but not too brilliant because simple is the luxury which guides the style mind away from mediocre creations. Seriously, it’s exhausting trying to channel his voice. How must it feel to actually BE him.

No wonder Karl has no time for those who can’t earn it.

This is Karl the other night at the Monte Carlo Rose Ball with the Monaco royals and … Chuck Berry? So random it kills me.

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