My favourite thing about yesterday was the alleged Mother of Jesus.

My favourite thing about today is Karl holding his Karl Barbie.

I don’t see that it gets much better than this. I honestly don’t.

Karl Lagerfeld was at Colette in Paris last night at the Barbie 50th anniversary. To commemorate the event he designed a Barbie exhibit at the store and shot a series of Barbie photos – click here to see. None of those photos however stand up to the brilliance of these ones.

Only Porny and the male Mother of Jesus beat Karl holding Karl Barbie. That is the best sentence ever.

Want more on Karl? Of course you do.

Karl recently took all the credit at the Chanel show for Paris Fashion Week featuring his models winding their way through a mazelike set. He appeared in the maze during the finale. So they asked him – Karl how did you get in the maze?

“That I don't know and it's a strange thing. It happens to me often early in the mornings. I get into the middle of mazes and come out of completely nowhere!”


He opens his mouth…and it is amazingness all the time.


Photos from ELIOT PRESS/