Paris Fashion Week. At the Karl Lagerfeld show. Beth Ditto sat in the front row. Love her. Because she knows who she is and won’t change. Not even in the face of a bitchbeating fan.

Le Karl suffered through a photo opportunity with her. Does he look like he needs to throw up again? Can you hear him?

But that woman, but her body. It’s not possible.

I’m thinking Karl is a binge and purger. He loves the luxe too much. Like the Versailles version of the luxe. Karl is the Sun King of fashion and food, it’s his weakness. So he pukes in private. Makes sense to me. Others however insist he’s a straight up starver. This is the new poll question.

Anyway, as you can see from Karl’s grimace, having to endure standing next to someone larger than a size 0, he probably headed straight to therapy with Anna Wintour. Look at them conspiring, thick as thieves. She would have trashed him later on with a crocodile belt. And he loved it.

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