Le Karl is better than us

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Written by Sarah

This one's for Laurel - thanks for the request.

Karl Lagerfeld made a short film called Remember Now.  It’s about the haute life in St. Tropez. He debuted it this week during the Chanel Cruise 2011 show in St. Tropez. This is not Le Karl’s first go at short filmmaking. He made one last year called Paris-Shanghai: A Fantasy. You can see it here. It looks fantastic but it’s…awkward. Stilted at times. Not genius filmmaking and I know--I KNOW--I will forever be banned from Le Karl’s presence for saying that.

As for Remember Now, it looks like a music video from Lady Gaga. Of course the people are beautiful and the clothes fantastic and if there is a plot, the fifty-second trailer does a pretty good job of obscuring it. Like Le Karl cares if he entertains us. He made this movie and if we don’t like it, it’s just proof of his utter superiority. Le Karl knows better than us. If we don’t like something of his it’s not because he misjudged our taste, it’s because our taste has not yet arrived at a place to properly understand what he was doing. It couldn’t possibly be that he is becoming self-indulgent, or that he’s too isolated in his rarified sphere and that is causing him to lose his touch. It’s that we’re not good enough to appreciate Le Karl.

When it comes to understanding, Le Karl is always right. We are always wrong. We are never good enough. And that’s exactly how it should be.

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