Another girlcrush, another reason why Lindsay Lohan is almost forgettable, Kat Dennings is currently in Vancouver shooting Daydream Nation (written and directed by Canadian Mike Goldbach) with Josh Lucas. She was on set yesterday – gorgeous, luscious, quirky, and determined not be sucked into that generic LA cesspool of vapid, skinny bitches and their vapid skinnier sycophants.

Kat’s refreshing approach backed up by legitimate talent has been recognised by the New York Times. She’s just been named to T’s Nifty Fifty: America’s up-and-coming talent accompanied by a very flattering article. Love this quote:

“I’m very wary of people who are in Los Angeles for seemingly for no reason. I would never consider living here unless you had a reason to live here. Otherwise, it’s horrible.”

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As for Josh Lucas – he looks great, best he’s looked in a while. Very curious the sudden, passionate relationship with Rachel McAdams that just as suddenly died, and so quickly too. Word is it hit him hard, took him a while to get over, if at all. Some of you surmised at the time that he was simply an older replacement for Ryan Gosling. Well if that’s what it was, no wonder it failed.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images