One of my favourites. Kat Dennings is promising and unusual among the generic, and not seen enough which is why I want to see her more and on May 6th, you can see her, twice, at the movies, as she has a supporting role in Thor, and a starring role in Daydream Nation, the screenplay for which was on the 2009 “Black List”, the now infamous annual compilation of the best unproduced screenplays.

Daydream Nation was screened at TIFF last year and rather well received. Some are calling it Easy A but dark and gritty and not so… trite. A new trailer was just released which pretty much accomplishes what they wanted to accomplish. I’m worried about her already.

Dennings is currently playing Renee Yohe in a biopic about the young woman who was the eventual inspiration behind the founding of the charity To Write Love On Her Arms, providing assistance to young people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. Very curious to see how she can carry that although I’m less impressed by the fact that Chad Michael Murray is one of the co-stars. Really???

Attached – photos of Kat and another favourite Greta Gerwig at the No Strings Attached premiere in January. Not sure who the dude is but I wonder if he’s trying to be Ryan Gosling. Also the Thor trailer is below.

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