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Written by Jacek

This is how you age. Like a fine wine.

Katarina Witt was a presser for Jedermann in Berlin yesterday. Cultured as I am, wasn’t sure what a Jedermann was after seeing it in the photo caption. I finally managed to figure out that it is a play by Hugo von Hofmannsthal based on the medieval play "Everyman", but only after filtering through tens of links to German sites. Might have been easier if I tapped into the part of my brain where near-fluent German is buried.

When I was six years old we spent a year in Austria awaiting immigration status on our way to Canada. Completed first grade while living in a little beautiful little town at the base of a snow-tipped town called Vordernberg. Years later I was amazed when my mom pulled out notebooks of mine full of German. I was basically fluent at a grade one level after one year, and a year later (after moving to Canada) it was completely gone. Don’t know a single word. “Und”. Which I believe is “and”. And even that might be wrong. It’s amazing how quickly languages come and go at that age.

Anyway, back to Katarina.

Hmmmmm. Katarina. Even as a kid watching the Olympics I always though she was hot. Killer body and not a stick figure either. And look at her now. She’ll be 44 in December and she’s looking as fine as ever.

She’s performing in this Jedermann production BTW. I’d go even if it is in German.

Posted by Jacek
Photos from Wenn.com

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