A couple months ago they were on life support. Kate Beckinsale had taken off for London without warning husband Len Wiseman, stayed there a month, found daughter Lily a new school, leaving Len supposedly baffled about what prompted her decision.

Her rep vehemently denied there was anything wrong between the two. But according to my sources they were indeed apart for several weeks and that Kate had also consulted a divorce lawyer and was prepared to move forward…

Some time mid April she returned to LA and after a series of long discussions apparently agreed to give it another go. Paps were quickly called, happy photos were taken, not unlike the happy photos taken this long weekend of the two in Malibu, out and about with Lily and also at that celebrity-heavy party yesterday.

What was the reason for their troubles? Rumour has it she’s been extremely dissatisfied with her stalled career. She’d planned to be much further along at this point. Instead Kate Beckinsale is lost in the pack. Kate turns 36 this summer. Other actresses in the same age range:

Winslet, Blanchett, Weisz, Paltrow, Diaz, Cruz, Theron, Jolie, Connelly….

I mean, really. She’s lucky if she makes Page 2, right?

Therefore the frustration. So they say she took it out on her marriage. And her wardrobe. Because that totally explains the overdressing, non?

Speaking of overdressing…

Did you see Elsa f-cking Pataky at the Inglourious Basterds premiere in Cannes last week?

NO IDEA what she was doing there. Or anywhere.

But that gown. The train on that gown going up the steps, we counted, Laura and I, we counted that it spanned FIVE STEPS.

Sit DOWN Elsa Pataky.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Wenn.com