Of course it was. It was silver and big, it was the opposite of subtle, it was a princess at the ball – it was Kate Beckinsale who can never manage to scale it back… ever.

This is Kate on the carpet last night at the TIFF screening of Nothing But The Truth. She looked lovely, yes. And she’s a pretty woman, yes. But I’m telling you… no matter how spectacular the dress, no matter how stunning the hair, at the end of the day, it’s just Kate Beckinsale. Like she hits a limit and she can’t climb above it. She’s always 85%. Period.

We saw her last night at the Hyatt roof lounge after hours. She was still wearing this thing, popping in and out for ciggies in the rain, looking very concerned about her hair. Maybe that’s what it is. The fact that she cares so obviously, that she cares so hard the concentration overshadows the rest. That’s Kate Beckinsale.

In case you were curious though - her husband (wee) is actually better looking in person.

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